Battle of Fort George Re-enactor Registration

Please be advised that this registration for re-enactors only. If you are interested in attending this event as a spectator please visit our Special events page or call us at 905-468-6614 for more information. Thank You.

The Battle of Fort George has been confirmed for July 8 & 9, 2017!!!!! Join us as we commemorate 204th Anniversary of this most important event.

We have a very exciting weekend planned with a Tactical on Saturday afternoon (The Battle of Fort George pt 1 “The Landing”) and a tactical on Sunday Afternoon (The Battle of Fort George Pt 2 “The Retreat”). Saturday evening we are planning a new and fresh evening tactical that will hopefully be enjoyable for both the public and re-enactors alike!

Participation Information

The following will be provided for the weekend:

  • Potable water will be available at the site.
  • Firewood is available all weekend for merchants
  • Fire pits are permitted. (See participant information package for more details)
  • Public washrooms and portapotties are available on site 24 hours a day.
  • We are currently working on securing Breakfast and Lunch for both days. We will let you know once we have it secured.
  • For more details please see the Participant Information package below.

Historic Weapons

The age for handling black powder is 16. All firearms, artillery pieces and implements will be inspected by site staff before they can be used for demonstrations. Copies of the sites’ Safety Rules will be available at the event sites. Please ensure all unit members are aware of these safety rules. A copy can also be found in the Participant information package below.

Any cannon barrel under 3' or 90 cm in length and with a carriage with less then 2' or 60cm of clearance, unless designated a mortar or howitzer, cannot be guaranteed a spot in the artillery lines. If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE contact Peter Martin at (905) 468 1393.


Any cavalry units that wish to attend mounted, must contact Peter Martin (905) 468 1393 before registering. Cavalry units that wish to attend dismounted can register as normal.

Registration Form

Only Unit Commanders or Merchants Owners need to fill out the registrations for the entire group.


Merchants and Sutlers

In addition to the online General Registration Merchants also need to open the “Merchants Package” Link below. The package includes a separate 1 page form that needs to be filled out along with a description of your business. Merchants must also include a detailed description of their tent space requirements (Including rope lines) to ensure that you will fit in the space provided.

Merchants are also required to provide proof of insurance for your business. Such proof can be provided by your insurance agent or your military unit’s insurer. Please note that regular re-enactor’s insurance specifically excludes commercial activities – for your own protection, as well as the protection of the site and your customers, please ensure that you do have proper coverage. These can be Mailed, Faxed or Scanned/emailed to the information provided below.

Merchants must be in period costume and use period tents. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an application from any party, for any reason, at their sole discretion.

Submit a completed application by Mail, Fax or Scan/email to:

Peter Martin
Special Events and Product Development Officer.
Niagara National Historic Sites
Parks Canada                  
Tel: (905) 468-1393        Fax: (905) 468-4638                 

Payment for Merchant Space

The cost per merchant at Fort George is CDN$0.00.

Set up:

Please provide detailed information in the section for tent space found above. You may set up during the following times at Fort George:

- Friday July 10 from 9:00am until 10:00pm
- If you wish to set up earlier please contact me.

Tear down:

You may tear down after the afternoon tactical on Sunday July 12 (around 3:00pm).

Merchant Space Rentals

The space that you have rented is for your company or group only. Each merchant’s space will be indicated by stakes and twine according to the measurements you provide. Please strictly observe these markings and please work with your neighbours to ensure that these boundaries are respected.

Items Offered for Sale

Please help us in maintaining the quality of this event by displaying and selling only items that are historically accurate and/or relate to the 1812 period. If you are asked by designated staff to remove an inappropriate item please comply. If you chose not to maintain 1812 period merchant status you will be asked to leave the event and invoiced as a modern vendor. The fees for modern vendors start at $300.00. Items that are in direct completion with the on site canteen will no be permitted (example: bottled water, brand name chocolate bars, brand name chips, ect... are not permitted).

The sale of any item acquired by archaeological excavation or pirated copies are strictly prohibited.

Participant Forms

Participant Information 2017 (PDF)

Merchant Package (PDF)

Black Powder Regulations 2017 (PDF)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Peter Martin at 905-468-1393 or

Please check back to this web site before you leave as we will be updating any changes that may occur.


Peter Martin
Special Events and Product Development Officer.
Niagara National Historic Sites
Parks Canada                  
Tel: (905) 468-1393        Fax: (905) 468-4638                 

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